Hiking boots - soldier 30:30 challenge

Soldier 30:30 Exmoor fundraising event on 13 October 2018

Where: Exmoor
When: 13 October 2018 from 2.30am – 10pm

30lbs over 30 miles or 30 km – can you take on this extreme challenge?

Teams of 4

Physically fit individuals are invited to test themselves against both terrain and weather in a timed competition through 6-12 manned checkpoints. Maybe you’re in the armed forces and keen on your fitness, maybe you’re an office worker who takes to the hills at the weekend or perhaps you’re a triathlete seeking something different… Find 3 other like-minded people to make up a team of 4 and enter!

A chance to win prizes

The competition is a team event divided into 3 classes:

  • Open
  • Wounded
  • Insider

Within each class prizes will be awarded according to course (30 Miles or 30 Km), gender (male, female, mixed) and age (junior, peak, senior).

Sponsorship and fees

You will need to raise at least £250 per team member (minimum £1,000 per team) ahead of the event.

Find your team, submit your registration, raise as much cash as possible & get out on those hills! Entry fee is £50 per person.

All the details

Find out more, including how to enter, at Soldier 30:30