Need our help?  

We are here to offer help for veterans of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services. 
Do you feel like you've fallen through the net and don't know which way to turn? 
Do you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression or other mental health issues? 
Are you hungry or homeless? Are you struggling to get off drugs or alcohol? 
We can help. 
Call us on 01723 361 210 or email 
Help for Veterans - the road home

Who we help 

Any veteran from the Armed Forces including Reservists. 
Any veteran from the Emergency Services. 
Any serviceman or woman who is about to leave or is going through transition. 
It does not matter how long ago you left. Please get in touch. Call us on 01723 361 210 or email 

How we can help 

Some of the things we can sort out include: 
Support with making appointments 
Going to the GP and getting the right medical treatment 
Sorting out debt problems 
Making sure you have the right pensions and allowances 
Rehabilitation and support for drug and alcohol problems 
Volunteering work 
Writing CVs and getting back to work 
Many of us are veterans so we know what it's like trying to adjust to civilian life. Call us or pop in and let's see how we can help. 

A spotlight on you 

We look at what you need now. That could be a bed, food, training or just a chance to talk things through. 
We will then work out together what you need for the future and how to get them. 

A searchlight to find you help 

We work with organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, local housing associations, The Royal British Legion, SSAFA, probation, Help for Heroes and Age UK. 
We're by your side every step of the way. We keep in contact and keep checking in. But it's a two-way street. We're honest with you and expect you to be straight with us. 

New experiences, new mates 

Many veterans feel isolated and alone. Often that's why some turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place. We help you get out there and build new friendships. 
Here are just some of the activities we can offer: 
• Social events 
• Cooking 
• Walking groups 
• Gardening 
• Art therapy 
If you've always wanted to do something, let us know. We helped one veteran set up as a beekeeper. Another group bolstered their confidence during Stagecraft sessions at Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough! 

Help available across the UK 

FirstLight operates across the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. 
We help people from all over the UK. We also have Sharpe cafe community hubs for veterans to pop into in the towns of: 
Their addresses are in Contact Us. 

Next steps 

Get in contact by calling us on 01723 361 210 

I know a veteran who has fallen on hard times 

We have experience in talking to veterans, some of whom may be too proud to ask for help. Please get in touch. Just call 01723 361210 or email 

What others say about us 

By Kevin, former Royal Navy chef  "Getting sober is easy, staying sober isn’t. I needed ‘ordinary’ people and support to move on to a better quality of life. A year ago I was virtually homeless. FirstLight helped me get a council flat. They encouraged me to do things myself and helped me believe in myself.   With their help I started my beekeeping hobby. My first honey was sold in their Scarborough shop. It has been a terrific journey for me to start a project and keep it going. As a recovering alcoholic, beekeeping has brought out a positive side to my nature.  Being able to make and keep a long term commitment has enhanced my life and my recovery."  

By J.M. from Scarborough  "Following years of verbal abuse I left home with one bag of clothes, no money and no idea where to go. I ended up living in ground-floor bedroom in a shared house. As the toilet was on the first floor I found this a struggle because I have MS.  FirstLight helped me get assessed by an Occupational Therapist. They also put me in touch with the council's sheltered housing department. I was rehoused within six weeks. FirstLight supplied me with a bed, bedding and household items from the Scarborough shop. This has totally transformed my life. I have been so impressed by the care I experienced."  

Our Other 'Leading Lights' 

About Paul, ex-Army  Paul (ex-Army) came to us through wanting to sign up for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme. He walked 21 miles only to find that his case worker had left the previous week. As he'd made an appointment with us too, we could talk to him and gave him his bus fare home.  Three months later, Paul moved to get away from the drug dealers around his last home. He is in full-time employment but on the minimum wage. As he is paid in arrears we advanced him his rent. We are helping Paul with food parcels and how to budget. His children visit every weekend. We are supporting him in creating a healthy emotional relationship with them. Paul continues with his rehabilitation programme.  

About JC (ex-Merchant Navy)  During Christmas 2013 JC was in hospital having his stomach pumped after he tried to end his life with drink and prescription drugs. His wife had died of a heart attack and JC’s daughter had committed suicide. JC was set to follow suit. We responded with providing a 24-hour emergency support worker. Frequent call-outs started to stabilise JC's lifestyle. FirstLight responded four times to every one of the Emergency Services – saving them around £90,000 over six months.  After JC reduced his alcohol consumption we moved him to more suitable accommodation. As he sobered up we increased his activities programme. Riding, a gym programme and weight loss started to give JC confidence again. We hope JC will now train as a mentor to offer help for Veterans like him.  

 What to do next  Give us a call or pop into one of our centres. We'll chat about what you need now. Or if you just need to have a general talk about life, that's fine too.  We won't mollycoddle you. But we work with you to get you back on your feet. Want to feel like you have a future again? Then please get in contact.  Call us on 01723 361 210   

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