A Revamp for Redcar

Leading veteran’s charity, FirstLight Trust, is embarking on a new and exciting approach to supporting veterans in the Redcar area. Redcar is one of six locations that FirstLight Trust operates in through their café hubs, though their reach is much wider. The hubs provide a welcoming space for veterans and the public alike, and while the hub in Redcar is closing physically, FirstLight Trust will be ‘revamping’ their approach to enable them to support more veterans.

The outreach model will be led by FirstLight’s Community Coordinator, Rachel Henery, who says, “I am looking forward to the changes and working from a different structure here in Redcar. I feel this new approach is a turn in the right direction and will enable us to provide a better service to those that need it. I am also looking forward to finalising activities moving forward, once government guidelines allow us to, and until then anyone can give me a call if only for a chat. I cannot wait to see everyone from the hub again”. 

Activities that proved popular in Redcar such as luncheons, external day trips and mobility classes will continue to be accessible to all veterans and their families when it is safe to do so following government guidelines. FirstLight Trust’s Money Watch programme with Citizens Advice is still live, which includes helping veterans with budgeting, saving and debt support. The Aged Veterans Programme will continue supporting social outings and healthy living for veterans, and in addition, FirstLight are currently running a project to assist veterans into training and employment.

FirstLight Trust’s Founding Trustee, Dorinda Wolfe Murray expresses, “A huge thank you to everyone who has and continues to support us in Redcar. We may be changing the way we work, but we are still very much present in the area and are looking forward to continue our support to veterans in Redcar and beyond”.

Whether you are a veteran in need of support or would just like a friendly chat, please do get in touch with Rachel on 07721237315 or via email on redcar@firstlighttrust.co.uk. If you would like to be involved in future FirstLight Trust activities please follow the main FirstLight Trust Facebook page and the FirstLight Trust Redcar Facebook page. You can also reach out to Rachel directly for more information and to register with FirstLight Trust.