Cookery Pie Week & Italian Night at Gosport

Over the last two weeks in the Gosport Café Hub, Riah and her team of veterans have been celebrating Pie Week and making chicken and mushroom pie from scratch.

The veterans enjoyed the making the filling however found the pastry making extremely hard. Riah talked through the process and helped each veteran, the veterans really came together and helped cheer one member of their group up who was disappointed it wasn’t going right.

This led to the group chatting about when things don’t go right and how they problem solve to fix something. This had everyone laughing and working together. All was saved and the pie looked and tasted fantastic. Moral of the story don’t give up!!

The Sicilian whole orange cake had teamwork written all over it for the veteran’s meal taking place the following Thursday. This was a trial run, and the group pulled it off – producing a great desert. One veteran had never baked a cake before with outstanding results.

The veterans were left really looking forward to hosting and cooking for the veteran evening where they would be cooking 3 course meal. Their efforts will be supported by Riah.

The point is to ensure no veterans eat alone. All proceeds raised will go back into supporting veterans of the armed forces and emergency services.