Help to Prevent Homelessness this Christmas

Be part of the change to prevent homelessness and keep someone safe this Christmas. Donate to FirstLight Trust and help to actively end the cycle of homelessness.

Throughout the winter months of December to March, FirstLight Trust is running an appeal to raise money to prevent veterans and their families becoming homeless. The appeal starts off with a Christmas baking event at our Café Hubs on Wednesday 15thDecember 2021. It will be a day filled with festivities and indulgent over the top baking, giving visitors and regulars the opportunity to get involved and vote for their favourite cake! This event celebrates the FirstLight Trust Café Hubs and their very vital place in their communities.

Dorinda Wolfe Murray, CEO of FirstLight Trust has an important message to share. “Homelessness is never about having a roof over your head it is to do with everything else. Think about it – it is the what, the how, the why. Sofa surfing, camping, living in woods, sleeping rough because that is all you can manage. All these issues have causes that are rooted in hopelessness, anxiety, depression, addictions, physical and mental inabilities to deal with what life throws our way. It takes time, understanding and most of all compassion to look at and support a person into having a home as well as a significant amount of common sense. It needs to be the right kind of support and the right kind of accommodation – one size does not fit all and never has done. And why do we at FirstLight Trust make such an impact? Because we take the time to listen, understand and then support individuals. It can take two or more years of ongoing support to help those who have been homeless to feel safe and secure in a home. Perhaps we should call it homing rather than housing.”

Please help FirstLight Trust by making a contribution no matter how small. All money raised will go direct to their work in preventing homelessness because with your support so much more can be done. Please donate now to prevent homelessness this winter:

Follow FirstLight on social media for more fun-filled initiatives to get us all through the dark and gloomy winter months. Coming together to support those in need within our communities is incredibly worthwhile and perhaps the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others this Christmas.

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Please donate now and help FirstLight Trust continue to prevent homelessness this winter:

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