Preventing homelessness for UK veterans

We are determined to tackle the issue of homelessness – before it happens.  Which is why we are active in preventing it happening. Having a roof over your head is a fundamental human right. Yet homelessness is part of a much bigger picture impacting on a person’s life and society. We support veterans, a particularly vulnerable section of the population, at grass roots level. They often have nowhere else to go. Without our support they would become street sleepers.

We prevent veterans of the emergency services and armed forces becoming homeless. We do this through sourcing local accommodation and providing long-term support. Please visit our project page on GlobalGiving for more information on how you can help.

What is GlobalGiving?

In 2019 we secured a permanent place on the GlobalGiving platform. Charities must earn their places through running a test campaign. This was achieved through the hard work and determination of our FirstLight Trust hubs and supporters. Thank you all!

The GlobalGiving platform means we can :

  • make connections with new donors
  • access more tools and training to develop our fundraising strategies
  • promote key campaigns

Want to know more?

For more information about our GlobalGiving preventing homelessness campaign, please contact Rose on

What your donation will do

  • £8 can provide one nutritious hot meal
  • £12 can provide food basics for one veteran for one day
  • £20 contributes towards one week’s shopping for one veteran
  • £35 will provide one night’s accommodation in a bed and breakfast
  • £50 pays for a support worker to support and advise a homeless veteran for half a day
  • £76 contributes to supporting a homeless veteran find permanent or tailored accommodation
  • £99 provides three nights’ emergency accommodation for one homeless veteran
  • £250 is enough for three nights’ emergency accommodation, food parcel and support to find long term accommodation