The Soldier 30:30 event in Exmoor took place on 15th October 2022.

It’s a remarkable event where people challenge themselves to carry 30 lbs over either 30 miles or 30 kilometres across Exmoor. FirstLight Trust and the DMRC Benevolent Fund are beneficiaries.



This is the Team that made Exmoor Soldier3030 possible this year, and for many years past.  They have raised thousands of pounds for us over the years, and have gone through Covid, lockdown and out the other side to do so.  A gruelling undertaking at the best of time, and at the worst of times.  Our incredibly grateful thanks go to Henry and his amazing team/family who have supported us with this event over the years.  To Xenint for putting skin (literally) into the game for us; for Duncan for constantly achieving a personal best running the course (really) and then walking it (truly); and for Dad’s Army for constantly showing up and supporting our work.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart… and for those of us who cannot and who were unable to participate, please donate to the fundraising efforts of these amazing people:

This will help enable these teams to reach their targets – they (and we) so believe in the work we do – people matter and can do amazing things when you believe in them.