FirstLight Trust is delighted to be supporting the Yompathon!

What is the Yompathon!

The Yompathon is the brainchild of James Mazzoni-Dalton and is a 3863 mile march across the United Kingdom visiting over two hundred Military and emergency service establishments. It is being undertaken by seven former and serving British Service personnel from across the seven branches of the services (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army, Royal Air Force, Police, Fire and Rescue and Emergency Ambulance Service) to raise money and awareness for mentally wounded front line service personnel suffering from Mental Health issues.

The aim is for the Yompathon to raise £800,000.  FirstLight Trust will be one of eight support organisations and charities who will benefit from Yompathon’s fundraising efforts. Donations can be made on their fundraising page.

The Yompathon started on 1st October 2022 and is expected to take place over 40 days. This is the route.

How are we helping the Yompathon!

We’ve been behind the scenes helping. Our Gosport café hub was supporting at the start and all our hubs are aiming to get involved – offering refreshments and words of encouragement as the yompers pass by.

How can people support the Yompathon!

  1. Check out the route, tell friends and family, and if you can, go along and support the march as it passes near you
  2. Donate to the fundraising effort
  3. Join in the yomp yourself! Turn up and yomp at any time for as little or as long as you like. All that the Yompathon ask is that you raise £200 or more. For more details and terms, please download the sponsorship form.

We’ll be keeping our social media channels up to date on how  James Mazzoni-Dalton and his team are getting on, so please do check out our FB page, Twitter and Instagram for ongoing updates.