The Veterans Journey

The Veterans Journey is coordinated by Lynne Gladwin. Lynne worked in nursing for 30 years. As a nurse and veteran she witnessed the often slow reaction time by charities to those in need of immediate support. This experience drew her to work with veterans and ex-service personnel.

Lynne now devotes her time to providing direct and often rapid support to those most in need.

Veterans Journey seeks to raise awareness of the plight of these people and the issues of homelessness and PTSD.

Offa’s Dyke Path Walk 11 – 20 Oct 19

In 2019, Lynne and Karen, the wife of a veteran, as well as blue light and service veterans walked Offa’s Dyke in 10 days. It allowed veterans to connect with other veterans, and process their own past experiences with other like-minded companions.

Joining in

Everyone was welcome to join the walk at any stage. They could also meet up at the various stops to chat, particularly at the start/end of each day.

Fellow walkers were requested not to ask questions about what gave rise to the trauma that impacted on a veteran’s life. Instead the group talked about the work they did and experiences since leaving whichever service.

Though this is an independent endeavour, the team accepted donations to be handed on to us.

Route Profile 284.6 Km (176.8 miles)
9,085 m (29,806 ft) total ascent

To meet us on our journey:


If you would like to donate, this is the Veteran’s Journey fundraising page.

For more information call/text Lynne Gladwin.

07964 011353