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Hear from our veterans and colleagues to find out more about our work and our veterans’ hubs across the UK:

Transcript of the video

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Chris, veteran:

“What I love about FirstLight Trust is that they don’t consider themselves a charity. They’re more a foundation. They create stepping stones and this has been the biggest stepping stone of my life. That has changed my life *so* much.”

Dorinda Wolfe Murray, Managing Director / Founding Trustee, FirstLight Trust:

“People are *amazing*. And we just happen to look after some of the most amazing, and most of them would say, ordinary people in life. We were asked to exclude the word ‘heroes’ from all of our literature. They don’t see themselves as that.”

Lady Jane Grosvenor, Chairman, FirstLight Trust:

“Men and women are out there who are having a really rough time and they don’t need to. But they’re not getting listened to. And they’re not getting understood.”

Dorinda, FirstLight Trust:

“Talking to people is the single biggest skillset that we have as a charity. Our fundamental driver is about reducing isolation. If you’ve got loud music in the background, if you’re trying to get money in the tills, you’ve got people who don’t understand. That doesn’t help with isolation. That doesn’t help with loneliness.

This is a place that people can come and spend time.”

Gary Parish, Support Coordinator, FirstLight Trust (and veteran):

“Some of the veterans that we have registered, a lot of them have said FirstLight Trust is very community-based, it’s somewhere where they know they can visit and they know they can go. Especially for the soft support that takes place as well.”

Andrew, veteran:

“It was a no-brainer for me to actually move up to Lancaster from Manchester. The FirstLight Trust gives you a brilliant facility to come in, to have a coffee, have a chat with other people. Not just veterans but people from the emergency services as well.”

Dorinda, FirstLight Trust:

“It is *not* rocket science, the answer to any of this. Yes, there needs to be complex trauma therapy, don’t get me wrong. We have service agreements with specialists. Anything to do with clinical stuff that we do is absolutely meticulous. But an *awful* lot of it can be headed off at the pass by places like our hubs.”

Gary, FirstLight Trust:

“It’s very purposefully open to everyone, so any stigma that anyone would feel, you can erase that by coming to the hub.”

Jane, FirstLight Trust:

“It’s very friendly being in a hub. You’re sitting there at a table, having a coffee. Everyone’s got favourite places. The locals come in as well. And sometimes you get to have a laugh with the veterans.”

Gary, FirstLight Trust:

“What I would say is we have a good peer support network. So veterans supporting each other.”

Joe, veteran:

“Gary has attended… he tried to help me prevent me losing my job with the council on the grounds that I had PTSD. He’s attended appointments with me, he’s given me advice, and also given me advice on family matters, finances… And he’s always there, if I needed help. He’s there.”

Jane, FirstLight Trust:

“Day to day, we don’t have to see the kind of things that they’re kind enough to hide from us all. So it is very difficult for ordinary people in the street to have the knowledge of exactly what people have to do to make life more pleasant for other people.”

Andrew, veteran:

“If Manchester had had this kind of service, I might have been a little bit quicker on my journey to a quicker recovery.”

Joe, veteran:

“I don’t think I’d be as positive as I am now. I’d probably be waiting for stuff to happen instead of trying to make things happen.”

Chris, veteran:

“I’m ten times the person I was before I went in the army. Now. They have saved my life. They have. So if you see a leaflet that says FirstLight Trust, pick it up and ring the number.”

More information:

0207 730 7545

Please take a look at our cafes / hubs section for details of our veterans’ hubs across the UK.