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“If it wasn’t for that phone call I got from you on that Monday morning I genuinely don’t think I would be here today – I mean that, thank you.”

Over 2023


We have organised over 564 different activities delivered nationally

Over 2023


We have had over 15,000 veteran visits to hubs

Ending isolation and loneliness

Many veterans feel socially isolated, alone and misunderstood: something that has become worse in the last 18 months. The Café Hubs and the work we do at FirstLight Trust enables life long friends to be made in the community where the truth of  ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is constantly in evidence. A variety of activities are also supported in the Café Hubs, which assist with socialisation and this has been running continuously over lockdown and the last 18 months.

We are specifically looking to fund a new Café Hub in London. We know we can provide vital support to veterans in the nation’s capital city. Please help us to do this.

Case studies

Isolation & loneliness – Gosport
Feeling good about yourself can take time and effort

“Having a safe calm outdoor space to come and visit, has done the world of good for my PTSD, I couldn’t imagine not attending this weekly now”.

One veteran (let us call them AB) has been coming to the FirstLight Trust hub for over 2 years.  At first he could barely make it through the door, and it took 4 attempts to build up the courage to talk about some of the issues he was facing including isolation and anxiety.

What started off as a search for company and coping with anxiety developed into a journey that led to a referral for specialist support and clinical therapy for PTSD.

Alongside his clinical therapy AB joined in with weekly gardening and cycling activities, cementing friendships, building confidence and wellbeing.  As FirstLight Trust carried on supporting AB with these activities he was able to look at some of the financial problems that had occurred and get support dealing with those.

AB is now debt free; has new friends, new confidence and is happy in his life where despite being in a flat with no garden with access to the Gosport allotment, grows his own veg and has learned to cook (well!). Most importantly he now enjoys life.