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Help stop the light going out.

Putting blue light service
and armed forces veterans
at the heart of all we do

Photograph – Rob Leyland

We are FirstLight Trust

We are a dynamic, effective charity working across the UK. We provide on the ground support for veterans of the blue light services and armed forces.

Are you a veteran struggling with civilian life,? Please contact us on 0207 7307545 or enquiries@firstlighttrust.co.uk

Serving those who served

Through our growing network of caféhubs, we support veterans and their families where it matters most – in their communities and their homes.

Support us in making a difference. Join us, help us, talk about us, guide us, ask us. But most of all care.

Why FirstLight?

“First light is hopeful, beautiful, but it is also when are are at your most vulnerable.

You are on sensory overload. You are on radio silent. You feel isolated in your shell scrape peering into the distance. Very fitting indeed.”- Army veteran

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